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Phil and Kay Robertson on Overcoming Dark Past "The Blind"

September 19, 2023 Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson, Duck Dynasty, Duckcommand Covenant Eyes, Karen Potter, Brandon Clark Season 2 Episode 52
The Covenant Eyes Podcast
Phil and Kay Robertson on Overcoming Dark Past "The Blind"
Show Notes

In an exclusive interview, Phil and Kay Robertson sit down with us at their "Unashamed Podcast" studio in Louisiana to talk about: the inspiration behind their new movie, The Blind; Phil’s battle with addiction; how God brought their family back together when satan tore it apart; and inspiring others to run toward Christ.

πŸŽ™οΈ Join us on the Covenant Eyes Podcast as hosts Karen Potter and Brandon Clark sit down with the beloved stars of Duck Dynasty for an exclusive interview that's bound to touch your heart. πŸ¦†

πŸ’ž In this heartfelt episode, Phil and Kay Robertson open up about the early challenges they faced in their marriage. From struggles and setbacks to triumphs and timeless love, their incredible journey is a testament to faith, family, and unwavering commitment.

🎬 And that's not all! We're excited to share that the inspiring details of their story are a significant part of the upcoming nationwide release, "The Blind" β€” a movie that promises to captivate audiences and inspire love and resilience. Get ready to mark your calendars for September 28th!

πŸΏπŸ“½οΈ "The Blind" is a powerful film that showcases the strength of Phil and Kay's love and their unbreakable bond through thick and thin. Watch the trailer and learn more about this must-see movie here:

Tune in as we delve into the heartfelt journey of Phil and Kay Robertson, offering you an intimate glimpse into their love story and the making of "The Blind." You won't want to miss this special episode. πŸ”— For more Covenant Eyes Podcast episodes and exclusive interviews, visit our website:

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