The Covenant Eyes Podcast

Navigating Fatherhood in Today's World

May 13, 2022 Hosts: Karen Potter, MA Ed., Brandon Clark from Covenant Eyes Season 1 Episode 231
The Covenant Eyes Podcast
Navigating Fatherhood in Today's World
Show Notes

 Increased rates of drug use, gang affiliation, teenage pregnancy, and a decline in practicing and passing on of the Christian faith all have one common factor: an absent father. How did we get to this crisis of fatherhood and what can we do to send the statistics in the opposite direction? Kent Evans, the founder of Manhood Journey, shares his important thoughts in this episode. 

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • What do you feel is impacting fatherhood in today's society?  
  • For dads who are concerned about purity in the home, what tips or lessons can we learn from Nehemiah? 

Resources: (Anger-Free Dad digital course) (Father on Purpose podcast) (FREE Godly Father Assessment)

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Kent Evans is the Executive Director and co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that helps dads become disciple-makers. After a twenty-year career as a business leader, he embarked on biblical Fatherhood ministry projects. He’s appeared on television, radio, web outlets, and podcasts. He’s spoken at parenting and men’s events. He’s authored three books. The first, Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You, was written to help men learn how to find mentors and wise counsel. The second, The Manhood Journey: Charting a Course to Biblical Fatherhood, aims to help dads not be good or great dads, but be godly ones. Kent’s newest book, Bring Your Hammer: 28 Tools Dads Can Grab From the Book of Nehemiah, will arm dads with key tips to becoming more godly fathers.

Kent’s life has been radically affected by godly mentors and his lovely wife, April. They have been married twenty-five years and have five sons and one daughter-in-law. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

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