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Restored Warriors: Building Purity in the Church, Special Guest Daniel Glasco, Restored Warriors

February 16, 2022 Hosts: Karen Potter, MA Ed., Sam Black, Brandon Clark from Covenant Eyes Season 1 Episode 216
The Covenant Eyes Podcast
Restored Warriors: Building Purity in the Church, Special Guest Daniel Glasco, Restored Warriors
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Only seven percent of churches have a plan to help men and women struggling with pornography. However, we have a plan to address this great need with Daniel Glasco, founder of Restored Warriors. In this episode, hear how God revealed this ministry to Daniel and how Restored Warriors is experiencing incredible results with helping men overcome pornography. If you’ve been searching for solid support and accountability in your struggle with porn, be sure to check out this episode!

Key topics covered in this episode:

  • Restored Warriors: What is it, and how does it work?
  • Accountability is the key to success

More Information:

Guest Bio:

Daniel Glasco is the founder of Restored Warriors and serves as the President of the Board of Directors. Through personal experience, he is passionate about seeing men healed from the power of addictions and emotional trauma.

Daniel is also an ordained minister and a Presidential Member of A.A.C.C., with a specialization in Addiction & Recovery. 

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Karen Potter: Welcome everyone to the Covenant eyes podcast I am your host Karen potter with covenant eyes this podcast brings together experts from all over the globe, to talk about the issue of pornography recovery.

00:00:37.770 --> 00:00:49.020
Karen Potter: and provides helpful resources educational content and programs that help you support people in the Church in addressing the pornography epidemic today's topic.

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Karen Potter: Is a great topic and I can't wait to get into this, but it's courtesy of restored warriors and it's on building purity in the Church, so this is going to be a really jam packed session today and i'm joined by my co host brandon Clark Hello brandon.

00:01:05.940 --> 00:01:07.290 hey Karen how are you doing today.

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Karen Potter: doing well, thanks for joining us today.

00:01:10.140 --> 00:01:19.350 yeah i'm really excited and you know, I have to say, before I introduce our guests here I just love this theme, the restored warriors I love that idea of.

00:01:19.680 --> 00:01:28.530 This is a battle, you know, especially for men and it's a it's something that i've personally lived through, and you know I just love that idea.

00:01:28.980 --> 00:01:36.480 That it's not just a warrior to restored warrior you know that there is healing there is there is renewal and restore.

00:01:36.960 --> 00:01:46.110 relationship with Christ opportunity available, and so we really want to we're very glad to welcome Daniel Glasgow he's the President.

00:01:46.500 --> 00:01:55.170 The Board President and director of restored warriors he's a father, a grandfather a business owner and the founder of restored warriors.

00:01:55.470 --> 00:02:02.880 He serves as the President of the board of directors, as I mentioned, and through personal experience, Daniel is passionate.

00:02:03.390 --> 00:02:11.880 about seeing men healed from the power of addictions and emotional trauma Daniel was first introduced to pornography at the age of 12.

00:02:12.330 --> 00:02:27.300 And by the age of 15 he had his first same sex experience and the beginning of alcohol and drug abuse his life of destruction and emotional wounds continued for 38 years but God in a Sunday church service as.

00:02:28.320 --> 00:02:35.130 God God reached out to Daniel into Sunday church services, he slipped his hand into the air, as a sign of surrender.

00:02:35.670 --> 00:02:52.230 And he delivered him from a life of porn and drugs perversion same sex attraction is accountability core of 10 people, which is awesome of whom he's completely transparent about every aspect of his entire life these, ranging from a housewife to an attorney.

00:02:53.610 --> 00:03:00.990 And of these 10 people, although all they're very active in restored warriors six of them made up makeup the board of directors.

00:03:01.320 --> 00:03:11.520 The Board of Directors works with Daniel to keep a mindful and governing I over restored warriors Daniel is also an ordained minister and a presidential member of a CC.

00:03:11.820 --> 00:03:28.140 With specialization in addiction and recovery goodness gracious Daniel that's amazing you're so involved in in many different areas, and I just love the heart, you have for those who are struggling welcome to the podcast today.

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Daniel G: Thank you really Thank you here.

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Karen Potter: Daniel I know that a lot of our listeners may be familiar with restored warriors, but we do have people that join our podcast from time to time that have not heard about your program so we'd love for you to give a little introduction about restored warriors and how the program works.

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Daniel G: Sure, the program starts, even after they've completed like the 21 day porn detox.

00:03:55.980 --> 00:03:59.760
Daniel G: strive or overcoming pouring your 41 day challenge.

00:04:01.290 --> 00:04:18.600
Daniel G: or they may have gone through a process all on their own, we are your next step, you can't do it alone, you cannot make this process alone, if you could you'd have already done it so we're your next step in in your healing in your accountability.

00:04:20.010 --> 00:04:29.850
Daniel G: We have a website restored you can go there, you can find out all about our program but if you're ready to take that next step.

00:04:30.150 --> 00:04:38.100
Daniel G: then go to our website and click on the join us and there you're going to find a full curriculum.

00:04:38.640 --> 00:04:52.350
Daniel G: We have a record curriculum of three to five years, because it is a three to five year process of renewing your mind the one we do require everybody to go through is our four week boot camp.

00:04:53.010 --> 00:05:10.140
Daniel G: This is a boot camp that helps you learn the processes that you're going to be going through that you're going to be learning as you then go through sexual integrity, one on one by the pure desire team or seven pillars of freedom by Dr Ted Roberts the justice process.

00:05:11.190 --> 00:05:23.640
Daniel G: winning the battle of your mind by your doctor or by pastor Craig Rochelle and on and on and on our program is set up to help you for the next three to five years to gain your freedom.

00:05:24.720 --> 00:05:33.390
Daniel G: Our groups we run everything online we don't do any in person meetings our groups or an hour and a half long.

00:05:34.230 --> 00:05:50.130
Daniel G: starts off with a check in with your brothers are going to talk about their previous week how their successes were where their failures were what they did further wife what they did for their family or just simply help improve a relationship.

00:05:50.610 --> 00:06:05.460
Daniel G: we're all about relationships, then we set goals for the following week for what they want to see what they want to do where they want to be next week when they come back within to our session.

00:06:06.360 --> 00:06:17.100
Daniel G: Excuse me within in every session that we do with prayer asking the guys, how can we pray for you in this upcoming week, how can we reach out to you.

00:06:17.490 --> 00:06:30.660
Daniel G: to wear that you continue with your success in your recovery guys do have weekly homework, this is to help them dig deeper into what they're learning what they're going through.

00:06:31.260 --> 00:06:53.250
Daniel G: We do require that the eyes have a three phone call a week three phone calls a week with their brothers they do a weekly check in with their group leader, we have a 24 hour relapse prevention hotline this is staffed and manned by brothers there to help other brothers.

00:06:54.450 --> 00:06:57.930
Daniel G: We can we cover every time zone that there is.

00:06:59.010 --> 00:07:12.510
Daniel G: The costs a lot of people, you know, want to know what's the costs well it's $40 a month, and you know that's as long as you choose to be in the program $40 a month.

00:07:14.040 --> 00:07:14.430
Daniel G: that's.

00:07:15.690 --> 00:07:32.010
Daniel G: that's the minimal compared to what it could cost you, you know, in a divorce, you could lose your family, you could lose your marriage, more importantly, you could lose your relationship with God so Daniel so you mentioned.

00:07:32.280 --> 00:07:37.980
Karen Potter: You know the thing that I thought was really interesting as you were describing the offering that you have at restored warriors.

00:07:38.490 --> 00:07:51.450
Karen Potter: Is that it is a very involved and long commitment period and so often, you know in our work here at covenant eyes new we come to people who we live in a society of instant gratification and we also want instant.

00:07:51.510 --> 00:07:52.650
Daniel G: Access to all of our.

00:07:52.650 --> 00:08:00.690
Karen Potter: problems, but we all know, any of us that have been through the journey of recovery understand that it is a long process and it takes hard work.

00:08:01.110 --> 00:08:15.540
Karen Potter: And it sounds like restored warriors really build that right into the program on you know you kind of let people know right up front, this is a long term commitment and we're a band of brothers together and we're going to do this together over a long period of time.

00:08:16.050 --> 00:08:24.780
Daniel G: You didn't get a little bit about that you didn't get where you are today if you're in a porn addiction or impurity struggle you didn't get there overnight.

00:08:25.320 --> 00:08:34.170
Daniel G: So you're not going to get out of it overnight we're not a microwave world it does require time it requires dedication, it requires effort.

00:08:35.220 --> 00:08:38.910
Daniel G: In being able to find the healing and restoration that you need.

00:08:40.860 --> 00:08:50.460 I think that's amazing Daniel and I would like to almost take a step back for a minute, you know, because there was a lot of prayer and a lot of discerning in.

00:08:51.570 --> 00:09:07.020 How restored warriors came to be, can you share a little bit of that story with us because, as I was going through preparing for the podcast I was just blown away at how God used you and just slowly revealed this plan for what now became restored warriors.

00:09:07.590 --> 00:09:17.220
Daniel G: yeah it was amazing it was I look back on what God did in a short period of time one night.

00:09:18.630 --> 00:09:25.500
Daniel G: I was woken and it was much like literally I was watching a TV screen in front of my face and.

00:09:26.190 --> 00:09:40.530
Daniel G: God was showing me that he was going to put me in a ministry will coming from same sex attraction myself and my mentors we all figured that it was going to be a same sex attraction ministry and.

00:09:41.400 --> 00:09:59.280
Daniel G: Then the Lord show me and then other that it was going to be all digital and then that we were going to literally be reaching around the world, will you know these are mind boggling mind blowing things that are being shown to me and i'm going how.

00:10:00.360 --> 00:10:13.560
Daniel G: You know how am I going to do all that and then one night prophetic word came forward that we were going to be plowing the land that no church wants to play.

00:10:14.190 --> 00:10:25.830
Daniel G: it's the hardest ground that there is to play and it's the most challenging and then shortly after that it was revealed to me that we were going to be doing purity.

00:10:26.280 --> 00:10:46.860
Daniel G: and talk about hard ground, I mean 7% of churches in our nation, have a purity ministry think about that 93% of churches don't offer help to their parishioners for this need, I mean that's kind of mind blowing to me.

00:10:49.980 --> 00:10:54.990
Karen Potter: I you know I think the thing that you know i've been with covenant eyes over five years and.

00:10:55.500 --> 00:11:04.320
Karen Potter: Every time i'm working with churches, you know i'm just i'm really just awestruck by the fact that only 7% have any type of programs.

00:11:05.010 --> 00:11:20.130
Karen Potter: You know we've been doing this covenant eyes, has been around for 21 years you know, in the trenches with church leaders that men and women, all across the nation and all across the globe and still that statistic every time it just it pierces the skin so.

00:11:21.150 --> 00:11:25.740
Karen Potter: talk to me a little bit about you know we have church leaders that are going to be listening to this podcast.

00:11:26.130 --> 00:11:38.670
Karen Potter: How can they help their men get in contact with people in your organization, so that they can join the recovery program like is there a really good way for them to help kind of connect men in the church to your Program.

00:11:39.300 --> 00:11:45.480
Daniel G: simply refer men to our website okay great that's honestly The easiest way.

00:11:46.710 --> 00:11:55.920
Daniel G: We are in the process of developing a couple of ideas that we've had you know, this is a it's a secret sin.

00:11:56.430 --> 00:12:13.050
Daniel G: No man really want us to walk out or a woman for that fact wants to walk out and reveal hey I have a you know pretty issue I watch pornography, nobody wants to reveal that they want to keep it quiet, so we have we're looking at.

00:12:14.190 --> 00:12:24.960
Daniel G: Possibly putting posters in the bathrooms of churches that have our qr code they guys as they're walking by they can simply hit the qr code with their phone.

00:12:25.410 --> 00:12:32.220
Daniel G: instantly they have access to restored warriors we've also considered putting business cards.

00:12:32.910 --> 00:12:45.240
Daniel G: Like in the in the bathrooms of churches to where the guys who pick those up, they can slip them in their pocket and then whenever they get in their own privacy, they can you know reach out to us.

00:12:47.070 --> 00:12:54.270 You know one thing that I found really inspiring as you're talking about restored warriors was the helpline.

00:12:54.900 --> 00:13:02.850 That it's a helpline where men are making themselves available to help other brothers who are struggling, can you talk about.

00:13:03.690 --> 00:13:12.540 Some of those conversation obviously not not going into details, but, but how powerful is that that you've got these brothers who are willing to step up and say you know what.

00:13:13.500 --> 00:13:20.490 I maybe have been there myself and and i'm willing to step into the breach here and help another brother who just really needs me right now.

00:13:20.850 --> 00:13:24.090
Daniel G: Right, you know when we're going through.

00:13:26.070 --> 00:13:33.120
Daniel G: struggles interpretations, the one thing that we need is we need support, we need accountability.

00:13:33.450 --> 00:13:43.650
Daniel G: We need someone to be able to reach out and say you know put their arm around you and just kind of go hey you know i'm here for you i'm here with you we're going to make it through this time.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:14:00.060
Daniel G: So yeah we we have our brothers, one of the things that we think, and we feel is that when you have gone through some of this process when you know what the process is then.

00:14:01.080 --> 00:14:09.030
Daniel G: it's kind of like paying it forward, you know is that your reach out and you have the ability to reach out to other men to help them.

00:14:09.780 --> 00:14:17.910
Daniel G: Some of the conversations are just the other day actually when I get the phone call myself, it was a 19 year old kid.

00:14:18.330 --> 00:14:30.960
Daniel G: That was crying going i'm I am being tempted so badly right now and just being able to stop encourage him pray with him.

00:14:31.380 --> 00:14:48.390
Daniel G: You know, he was able to he sent me a text, the next day Thank you so much for being there for me, I made it through, and you know, he was so encouraged by the way we have calls like that every day that go through.

00:14:48.840 --> 00:14:55.170 I think that's amazing because you know more and more, we hear about how people are just so disconnected right.

00:14:55.530 --> 00:15:04.650 You know when when people are trying to find an ally to work with somebody who will be there, a lot of people struggle so to have an opportunity like this.

00:15:05.010 --> 00:15:13.530 To where you know there's somebody available that's that's really amazing, and I think that's a fantastic part of what restored warriors has to offer.

00:15:14.070 --> 00:15:18.360
Daniel G: Thank you, that again was part of the plan.

00:15:18.930 --> 00:15:35.580
Daniel G: I feel like God woke me up in the middle of night and said 24 hour form phone support you know you can get it from anywhere else, that you need it, why can't you get it through your your pornography addiction in your time with me that's fantastic, because we know.

00:15:35.580 --> 00:15:44.010
Karen Potter: That technology makes pornography accessible to everyone 24 seven so having the antidote be accessible like that is fantastic.

00:15:44.580 --> 00:15:55.200
Karen Potter: i'm you know at covenant eyes accountability is such a huge part of the journey, so I love what i'm hearing that it's really built into your Program.

00:15:56.130 --> 00:16:04.140
Karen Potter: Men that go through your program can you talk a little bit about what kind of success rates, you see, for men that come in and are looking to find that freedom.

00:16:04.740 --> 00:16:15.750
Daniel G: First Hello Karen brandon I want to say, the only guys are restored warriors for research warriors, thank you for everything you guys do thank you for your software.

00:16:16.620 --> 00:16:41.460
Daniel G: It is amazing our guys every day are are talking about how covenant eyes stop them covenant eyes in didn't allow them to see this didn't allow them to go here and it's because of ministries like like have energized performs and provides that guys are seeing around a 94% success rate.

00:16:42.870 --> 00:16:59.430
Daniel G: How do we calculate that on a daily basis, we ask our guys to go in and do a daily check in we use the faster scale for our process and for those that are walking in restoration and recovery.

00:17:00.510 --> 00:17:18.120
Daniel G: That is a success, and so we see all of those and on a weekly basis we calculate that in our averages running around 94% of guys going through our program that are having success in overcoming addiction of pornography.

00:17:20.460 --> 00:17:25.710 What do you tribute to that success, Daniel how, how do you see restored warriors is playing.

00:17:26.760 --> 00:17:28.980 A major role in that success.

00:17:30.270 --> 00:17:31.290
Daniel G: Good question.

00:17:32.340 --> 00:17:35.610
Daniel G: Is because of things like the.

00:17:35.640 --> 00:17:43.830
Daniel G: 24 hour hotline it's because of the reaching out to your brothers three times a week it's because of the.

00:17:44.550 --> 00:17:59.790
Daniel G: Communication, the texts, the emails we have systems in place that are constantly sending now motivational help motivational words of encouragement scriptures that guys are able to.

00:18:00.870 --> 00:18:01.260
Daniel G: Keep.

00:18:02.280 --> 00:18:06.150
Daniel G: keep themselves rooted and grounded into their their recovery.

00:18:07.320 --> 00:18:14.130
Daniel G: Because our daily check ins Bible reading memorization the accountability tracking.

00:18:15.210 --> 00:18:28.560
Daniel G: All of it helps you contribute to that success record and I am very proud of the success record I I sit back and I look at that on a weekly basis and I go.

00:18:28.980 --> 00:18:41.670
Daniel G: Thank you God, thank you for using me thank you for using restored warriors, thank you for using our group leaders and helping men, thank you for people like like you guys and covenant eyes.

00:18:42.840 --> 00:18:43.170
Daniel G: You know.

00:18:44.250 --> 00:18:55.350
Daniel G: That all of us working together as a team are able to start seeing guys set free and overcome and receive the healing they need.

00:18:58.170 --> 00:19:12.840
Karen Potter: Daniel do you work directly with church leaders and the church to help them provide purity type programs or how do you partner with the local church, because a lot of times we'll have pastors that are looking to connect with organizations like can support them.

00:19:13.740 --> 00:19:14.880
Daniel G: We will support the.

00:19:14.880 --> 00:19:17.130
Daniel G: local church in any way that they need.

00:19:17.940 --> 00:19:21.960
Daniel G: Any resource that we have we will openly give to them.

00:19:23.340 --> 00:19:39.510
Daniel G: Whatever what they need if they will call us, we will help them in anything but if they don't have the resources if they don't have the ability to do a purity ministry if they don't have the training.

00:19:40.500 --> 00:19:53.190
Daniel G: we're here to help them, we were not going to come to your church and set up a purity ministry in your church, but we do it online, and the reason we do it online is.

00:19:54.000 --> 00:20:01.710
Daniel G: You get to do it in the privacy of your home you don't have to drive to meeting you don't have to try to find a babysitter you know.

00:20:02.130 --> 00:20:14.550
Daniel G: we've had guys that you'll hear the kids go in in the background, you know, during the group meeting and we love that because that means that you're still connected with your family, and that is so vitally important, but you know we.

00:20:15.960 --> 00:20:21.720
Daniel G: We provide a safe environment with confidentiality to wear that.

00:20:23.700 --> 00:20:26.010
Daniel G: I share often that.

00:20:27.360 --> 00:20:36.870
Daniel G: A guy doesn't have to walk down the hallway of church and someone that he sits next to that doesn't know about is pornography addiction and his struggles.

00:20:37.260 --> 00:20:48.690
Daniel G: see him walking through the porn addicts room where they know that that meeting is going on, because as much as we want to keep those thoughts out of our mind.

00:20:49.560 --> 00:21:11.490
Daniel G: we're forever labeled as sex addict you can't ever get that out of your mind, this is a mind issue, and so the guys don't have that stereotype they have to walk through so we do everything online and we would be there to help the local church in any way that they need.

00:21:12.600 --> 00:21:22.050 that's fantastic you know, one of the things I think about when we think about 7% of churches, having some sort of purity Program.

00:23:18.870 --> 00:23:24.090
Daniel G: Get the 24 hour hotline that's how you can get directly in touch with me.

00:23:25.830 --> 00:23:41.130
Daniel G: You know use either one of them, and we will be back in contact with you, if that instantly as quickly as possible, so one thing I did want to mention Karen is research warriors is not just for men anymore.

00:23:42.150 --> 00:23:45.960
Daniel G: we're in the process of developing a women's Ministry.

00:23:46.980 --> 00:23:55.470
Daniel G: Where women that have suffered with betrayal or possibly even porn addiction themselves are going to be able to.

00:23:55.920 --> 00:24:08.310
Daniel G: start a healing process through restored warriors so we're very excited we don't have an exact time frame of when that's gonna launch but keep an eye on a website it'll be shown up there very soon.

00:24:09.420 --> 00:24:11.790
Daniel G: awesome that sounds fantastic that's music to.

00:24:11.790 --> 00:24:12.420
Daniel G: my ears.

00:24:12.660 --> 00:24:15.900
Karen Potter: Because that's one area that certainly gets overlooked, sometimes.

00:24:15.960 --> 00:24:29.580
Karen Potter: Yes, it's virtually elsewhere, so that sounds fantastic um real quick, I was reviewing your website before today's podcast and it looks like you have some events coming up um do you want to mention any of those or any of the retreat.

00:24:30.000 --> 00:24:30.510
Karen Potter: Coming up.

00:24:30.570 --> 00:24:30.900
Daniel G: Okay.

00:24:31.050 --> 00:24:32.280
Karen Potter: Just your audience in.

00:24:32.280 --> 00:24:33.330
Karen Potter: case you want to get involved.

00:24:33.420 --> 00:24:45.690
Daniel G: yeah we are doing 12 retreats this year across the nation from one side to the other where it's going to be brothers ministering to brothers.

00:24:46.530 --> 00:25:11.940
Daniel G: During these times we we are focusing on living courageously living boldly not being fearful of walking out and sane and talking about your addiction and how you can help other brothers find their freedom, then we also have a fall retreat.

00:25:13.350 --> 00:25:23.460
Daniel G: which I kind of liken the two to your retreat is like playing football in the backyard with your brothers.

00:25:24.000 --> 00:25:37.770
Daniel G: But reunion, the fall reunion that's like the super bowl it's a ministry wide revival this past year, we saw so many men walk away from our fall reunion.

00:25:38.520 --> 00:25:58.140
Daniel G: Fully pumped up primed up and still now, six months after that reunion are still walking in a very powerful charged, we have full power to accomplish this to to get our restoration to help men.

00:25:59.010 --> 00:26:10.860
Daniel G: it's amazing the the fall reunion is power packed we have ministry leaders from across the nation that come in to Minister to guys.

00:26:12.120 --> 00:26:12.600
Daniel G: So.

00:26:13.740 --> 00:26:23.070
Daniel G: yeah other than that, we do have a couple of marriage encounters that we're putting together that again will be announced on the website.